Be a model

Be a model

Hey ! Want to be a model? Think you have what it takes for a modeling career? Then you’re on the right place. We are looking for the next great talent in modeling and that can be you! To start, you don't need to have any previous experience. Just fill all your personal informations and measurements on the boxes below. Then, send us some simple shots of yourself – on a smart phone camera is best – of face and silhouette on a simple t-shirt and skinny jeans. We don't need professional photos, strong make-up or designer clothes, just simple shots of you at your most fresh and natural. Introduce yourself and don't be shy, we want attitude and a great personality. Show us who you really are. Don’t forget to give us all your personal informations and contact info, and good luck !! Hope to see you soon. Best, New Age team.

Personal information



Present us Your figure and face without covering elements (glasses, ornaments etc.).

Please do not send pictures in high resolution.

Submissions above 2 MB can be rejected by the mail server.